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Jimmy is a 9 year old Maltese X Shih-Tzu. He is a funny, happy dog, with a character all of his own. He struts his stuff on our morning walks, reclaiming the street and walking trail. At bedtime, he must kiss his teddy goodnight. His favourite times of day are walkies, dinner and bed. He has travelled with us in our caravan, and turns into "bush boy", happily laying in red dirt and shovelling sand with his nose. So different to the boy we know at home who loves his comforts!

Male DOB 03/02/2002
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Beau, a Jack Russell x pup, came to us as a foster dog when he was around 4 months old. He is such a character, and we ended up adopting him ourselves. Sometimes, one comes along that doesn't just pull at your heartstrings, they steal your heart and run away with it. Beau is 7 months old now, and is a great little dog. His talents as a "mouser" have come to the fore, although we can live without having them happily placed in the lounge room!

Male DOB 28/08/2010
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Chihuahua / Foxy
Female DOB 25/09/13
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Female DOB 05/11/2012
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