YP Puppy Rescue
Charity Licence - CCP 2425

Listed below are the preferred vets that kindly work with YP Puppy Rescue.


Seaside Vet Surgery

Our Veterinary Surgery provides modern, professional and affordable health care for your pets. We aim to make your pet feel at ease in our clinic with a caring and gentle approach to treatment and consultations. 

24 John Terrace
Wallaroo SA 5556
Phone : 08 88233233

Seaside Vet Web Page

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Animal Desexing Clinic

Open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 12pm.
More than a  desexing clinic.
We perform health checks, vaccinations, treat sick cats, dogs and rabbits as a regular clinic.

604 Port Road
Allenby Gardens SA 5009
Phone : 08 82854050

Animal Desexing Clinic Web Page

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Vet 2 You

Dr Lyndall Short started Vet 2 You as a mobile veterinary service on the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia providing professional, friendly and affordable health care for your pets and livestock. Vet 2 You is now able to offer the benefits of a modern and up to date veterinary service including digital x-ray and surgery facilities at our new veterinary premises - 39 Main Street, Port Vincent. Dr Short continues to provide the convenience of on-farm assessment and treatment for larger animals, while making pets feel at ease by examining them with a caring and gentle approach to treatment and consultations. Dr Lyndall Short is passionate about animal health and disease prevention.

39 Main Street
Port Vincent SA 5581
Phone : 08 88537273

Vet 2 You Web Page

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Elizabeth Park Veterinary Clinic

We offer a broad range of quality services to ensure the best possible care that you would expect from a veterinary practice, all at an affordable price. We can look after your pet’s general health, vaccinations, dental care, nutritional care and surgery.

99 Yorktown Road
Elizabeth Park SA 5113
Phone : 08 82870122

 Elizabeth Park Veterinary Clinic Facebook Page


Redgum Vet & Pet Boarding

Redgum Vet & Pet Boarding is a unique and total approach to pet care, including Vet Clinic, Boarding Kennels and Grooming.
We offer an extensive range of veterinary services and medical care for all animals, no matter what stage of life. Dr. Roger Absalom and his well trained staff will always put the needs of your pet first.

24 Woodcock Street
Port Augusta SA 5700
Phone : 08 86423308

 Redgum Vet & Pet Boarding Web Page

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YPPR are also eternally grateful to Jeanette Burnell, who operates MOONTA DOG OBEDIENCE for her amazing offer to sponsor us. To have this kind of support is humbling for our rescue. Keeping with our passion to encourage responsible dog ownership, YPPR will be strongly urging new owners to participate in the "Puppy Pre-School" classes held at YP Vets, then continuing the all important training of their dogs at the Moonta Obedience Club, held at Queen Square, next to the Town Hall, in Moonta. "Well socialised/trained dogs are happy dogs and a pleasure to own".

We look forward to meeting the many responsible dog owners who gather in Moonta each Sunday, and hope to see our very own rescue puppies/dogs participating in the wonderful atmosphere of learning and fun.

Moonta Dog Obedience
Mb: 0407 602 081

If you are in need of a break from the rat race, if you want to kick back, relax, and feel as though you're in another world, without driving hundreds of kilometers, the place for you is RAINBOW FARM, situated in the beautiful Inman Valley on the picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula.

This lovely holiday destination is DOG FRIENDLY, so no need to stress about boarding out your best friend, or worry about leaving them in someone elses care. Lorraine and David, owners/operators of Rainbow Farm, very kindly donated a voucher for two adults ( and their dog!) for two nights at Rainbow Farm, to help us raise the extra funds needed for little Angels' operation on a mammary tumour. We deeply appreciate this wonderful gesture, and they have been following Angels' progress with great interest.

Rainbow Farm
Inman Valley, Fleurieu Peninsula
Ph: 08 8353 0237
Mb: 0422 897 541


   Rainbow Farm Web Site

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   Rainbow Farm Facebook Page

are situated in Sandilands, via Ardrossan, on the beautiful Yorke Peninsula.

Bianca Brook offers a clean, safe environment for your four legged friends, where you know they will receive the very best care. Bianca is a young woman with a huge passion for dogs, and we happily recommend her boarding kennels should you need to seek a boarding kennel for your best mate. Bianca is a valued foster carer for YP Puppy Rescue.

Must Love Dogs Behavioural Training and Boarding Kennels

Bianca Brook.
Ph: 0438 392 036

  Must Love Dogs Web Site

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  Must Love Dogs Facebook Page

ROYAL CANIN® is a global leader in pet health nutrition. ROYAL CANIN® has been supporting YP Puppy Rescue by donating super premium food since 2016.

A Rich History

Founded by a veterinarian in 1967, ROYAL CANIN® has built a solid foundation based on partnerships with pet nutritionists, veterinarians, breeders, and other pet specialists.

ROYAL CANIN® is at the leading edge of nutritional progress has concentrated all efforts on providing the most precise nutritional answers, adapted to the specific needs of dogs and cats.

Cat and Dog First

ROYAL CANIN®’s philosophy is total commitment to improving the lives of dogs and cats, placing them at the central point of the innovation process. Only the real needs of dogs and cats drive our research and development efforts. This unique approach guarantees the precision of their diets and their precise adaptation to the needs of the pet. 

    Royal Canin Web Site

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We are absolutely delighted to now have the support of Bayer Animal Health Australia, who is partnering with YPPR to provide Advocate and Drontal Allwormer. Both high quality products, we use them for our rescue animals, and currently offer a FREE dose of Advocate in every pack which goes with our rescue puppies and dogs.


Drontal Allwormer is the wormer we have always used. We trust the efficacy of the product and see the results it delivers. Drontal Allwormer Chews and Tablets kill the important gastrointestinal worms found in Australian dogs, including roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm. Your dog doesn’t need to fast before taking Drontal unlike other wormers. Drontal is safe for use in puppies from 2 weeks of age. It can also be combined with heartworm preventatives and flea or tick treatments such as Advantage, Advocate and Advantix for dogs.


Advocate Flea, Heartworm and Worm treatment for dogs not only treats parasite infections, but with monthly use Advocate protects your dog against fleas, heartworm and gastrointestinal worms. An easy-to-use spot-on, it is applied monthly. The super ingredients in Advocate provide fast relief from fleas, prevent deadly heartworm and protect your dog from most common gastrointestinal worms. Some of these gastrointestinal worms can infect humans, so using Advocate can give you and your family peace of mind. Advocate breaks the flea lifecycle, killing adult fleas on contact without the need for a blood meal, and killing larvae in the environment. Features of Advocate:

  • Fast-acting – stops fleas feeding in 3-5 minutes and kills reinfesting adult fleas in <1 hour  
  • Easy to use – simple spot-on treatment
  • Prevents deadly heartworm infection
  • Treats and controls most common gastrointestinal worms
  • Treats and controls mites and lice
  • Water resistant^

So, as you can see, your puppies and dogs will have the very best protection we can offer them, all thanks to BAYER!


^Refer to the Advocate Product Label for further information.

       Bayer Web Site

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Karin Roberts is an Adelaide based artist in Australia with a passion for supporting non-for-profit wildlife organisations to help put a stop to Animal abuse across the world. Her love for the Native American Indian Spirt Animal culture is seen in her amazingly detailed hand drawn artwork, including sacred geometry, tribal patterns and loads of positive goodness. Karin's inspiration for her art is giving the animals a voice. To educate people of the special, magical qualities each and every animal on the planet has. Animals in all shapes and forms have a meaning and in one way or another teach us important life lessons. By purchasing artwork from Karin at Art Tonic you are supporting amazing organisations such as SEA SHEPHERD,
YP PUPPY RESCUE, ELEPHANT ACTION LEAUGE and contributing to a more sustainable future for these beautiful animals and nature. 


  Art Tonic Web Site

 Custom made cat enclosures


  0447 569 068

  The benefits of Indoor cats

It's well proven that indoor cats live longer.  On average, an indoor cat lives for 12 years, but some can live as long as 20. In comparison, an outdoor cat's life expectancy is less than 5 years.

There are many reasons outdoor cats don't fare as well as their indoor counterparts. Traffic, poisons, diseases, parasites and attacks by other animals. There are also the attacks from people who don't agree with your cat being outdoors, or aren't happy about it being in their garden.

This is why many animal organisations and vets recommend keeping cats indoors with outside activity in a controlled environment like a cat enclosure.

  Safe and secure

Aristocat Enclosures allow your cat to enjoy the great outdoors in a safe and secure environment. Our enclosures provide a stimulating outside area for your cat to play, with none of the usual risks of being an outdoor cat and the added benefit of protecting native birds and wildlife. With netting guaranteed for 10 years, Aristocat Enclosures give you peace of mind.

You love your furry family member.

So don't you owe it to them to keep them safe?

   Aristocat Web Page

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Next time you are in Wallaroo, take a stroll along the main street and pop into WALLAROO NEWSAGENCY, where you will find the latest newspapers, cards, souvenirs, gifts, and stationary needs. Kerrie and Paul Smith always have a ready smile, and can provide photocopying, lottery tickets, just about anything you expect from a great Newsagency.

We appreciate the valued support Kerrie & Paul provide for YP Puppy Rescue.

Advance Behavioural Training aims to give you the help and support needed to
produce a well mannered dog that you can be proud of. We endeavor to see
more dogs stay in their home and more owners enjoying their companionship. A
well-trained dog becomes a valuable family member and - although we love all
family members - if their behaviour is out of control, living with them can
be very difficult.
Our aim is to teach doggy parents how to train their dogs, and to learn the
tools that will last a lifetime, making it a pleasure to have your dog

All of the training methods used by Advance Behavioural Training are reward
based, non-confrontational and motivational for dogs and owners; above all
we make training fun! Our training is based on pet dog manners instead of
just obedience, suited to the average pet dog owner who just wants a nice,
well-mannered dog.




Classes are conducted at both of our training centres. If you are unsure of the location of your class, please contact us. Private consults can be held at your own home, in a public park/reserve, or one of our training centres. Please contact us for more information.

Advance Behavioural Training
Amy Van Dyk

  Advance Behavioural Training Web Site

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I needed coats for my two Great Danes, Dozer and Dollop, and couldn't find anything I liked....so I made a few. Thanks to the internet and Great Dane rescue and rehoming Australia, these coats are being seen all over Australia.

Dog coats for big dogs!

To order a coat, please select a style from the styles and prices album in photos. Select the fabric type and print from the fabric albums. The photos in the albums are the fabrics that I have available, as prints run out, I delete the photos.
Then send me a PM with your order.

All coat prices include standard postage within Australia. Packages will usually take a bit over a week to arrive.
Darwin is not in an express post area, but if you wish to pay for express post, that's fine :-)




  D & D Dogs Facebook Page

 Go to their Facebook page to see more & order

"The Station" Community Mental Health Centre Inc.

Providing Support, Education, Socialisation and Recreation to people with mental health issues. Promoting mental health and well being.

To provide a safe supportive environment, where people with mental health issues their carers and families can improve the quality of their lives through information, education and recreation

A community based organisation, in Wallaroo designed to help people in the Yorke Peninsula community and surrounding areas with or recovering from a mental health issue, which has grown to helping de-stigmatize mental illness and educate and bring an awareness of issues concerning mental health to the surrounding area.

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  The Station Facebook Page