YP Puppy Rescue
Charity Licence - CCP 2425


YP Puppy Rescue is a small, private rescue service set up to specifically save puppies from the pounds within our region of the Yorke Peninsula, working closely with the Rangers within these areas. We work hard to reduce the number of healthy, rehomeable dogs left in the pounds that are euthanised unnecessarily, and will, when we can, rescue these dogs as a matter of priority.
We rarely take private surrenders, but at times in special circumstances, we can assist.
Through our expertise and knowledge we are able to take very young puppies, providing the around the clock intensive care they require.
Our aim is to provide a safe, loving environment to enable the puppies to flourish, then, when they are ready, we will find them homes where they will be cherished forever.

The older dogs will go into foster homes where applicable, and these dogs will be temperament tested, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated prior to placement in the foster home. All vet work is completed prior to adoption.
We are adamant that we break this cycle of unwanted litters of puppies, and to this end, it is a compulsory condition of adoption that the puppy/dog will be de-sexed, and there will be no variance on this important issue. Unless there is a condition which delays the procedure, all rescue puppies and dogs will be de-sexed prior to being homed. Thanks to the expertise of our Veterinary Surgeons, we are able to ensure young pups are neutered/speyed before they leave our care.
The puppies will receive an immediate vaccination ( if old enough) when they come to us, and then the 2 week quarantine will be in place. All relevant vaccination info will be provided, with follow up vaccinations vital to the puppies' health and well being. All rescues are immediately wormed and flea treated and receive a thorough vet check.

YP Puppy Rescue will provide to the new owner all relevant information, eg. Diet sheet, worming and flea treatment regime to ensure the ongoing procedures necessary to keep your puppy happy and healthy. We will always be available for friendly advice.


***We are now rescuing kittens from the region,and where possible, will de-sex the mothers of kittens, with a small contribution from the owners of the cat to assist in this cost.

We can hand rear if necessary but prefer the kittens stay with Mum if at all possible.

All of our kittens will be de-sexed, F3 vaccinated, micro chipped, wormed, flea and mite treated, fed on Royal Canin kitten food and loved very much!


**** Some of the services we also offer are:

Assistance to those in our community who may need a hand to keep their pet in the home.

****** We can supply food ( ANY pet, does not have to be a dog) to tide over a rough patch; we are absolutely non judgmental, we keep it off of social media, as we want people to feel comfortable asking us for help. We can drop food off at vets and/or the agencies we work with, if preferred.

A quick 'phone call is all we need!

****** We work very closely with the mental health agencies in our region, and can provide emergency boarding for dogs at NO cost to the owner. We can pick up and then when the time is right, bring the much loved pet back to the owner. We understand hospital admissions can be stressful at any time, and we like to try and help those who worry about their pet being left alone. 

****** We also provide confidential assistance in domestic violence situations, by again, keeping the dog safe and secure until the owner finds new accommodation.  Where possible, within 24 hours, we can deliver the much loved pet back to its' owners, and at all times, no names or details are ever disclosed. If cats are involved, we will try and secure boarding for them with a local cattery. At no cost to the owners, we just want the people to know that their animals are safe, well fed and loved whilst they try and get their own lives on track.

******Whilst known for our expertise with hand rearing and raising litters of puppies, we have also become known for handling, with understanding and kindness, the re-homing of those dogs owned by people who must enter permanent care or villages, where pets are not allowed. No matter the age of the dog, YPPR will ensure all vet work is up to date, and if the dog is able to be re-homed, then through our process, a loving forever home is found. If the dog is aged, with some health issues which may preclude adoption, those dogs are kept within the safety of YP Puppy Rescue, being loved by one of the handful of carefully chosen foster carers, or ourselves, in comfortable homes, with all whims catered for! Veterinary attention is always given, and any medications needed to keep the dog comfortable and to be able to participate in life, are covered by the rescue. When the time comes for the dog to leave this mortal coil, it will always be with their carer present, and will leave with dignity and knowing he/she was loved. 

**** If anyone is experiencing hard times, if you just needs some advice, or a friendly ear to listen, please, call us on 0414566275.

YP Puppy Rescue is not a business, not an "organisation"; we are just two people trying to make a difference.


BSB - 105-004
ACCOUNT NO - 080 040 540
 YP Puppy Rescue


Charity Licence : CCP 2425


* ADOPTION FEES: Every rescue dog will be vaccinated, de-sexed, micro-chipped, worm and flea treated.

All puppies are reared in a loving home environment, played with, socialised, receive some basic training  and given good quality puppy  food.

Unless stated otherwise, the adoption fees are;


Many older dogs are at a reduced adoption fee, please check with YPPR for details if required.

Kittens are as priced .

YP Puppy Rescue reserves the right to complete a yard check at our discretion.